A Sony Walkman to rule them all.

Sony Walkman

$1,200 for a Walkman. I’ll just start right there. This Walkman costs $1,200. One thousand two hundred dollars. I typed it out so that you know I didn’t make a mistake. So what does it do? It plays music duh. quick run down of the basics.

  • 128 gigs of internal memory (expandable through micro SD another 128 gigs for a total of 256 gigs)
  • android OS
  • 33 hours of battery life
  • bluetooth
  • wifi
  • 4″ display

So why not skip it and go for the $399 for the 128 gig ipod touch, after all it’s much cheaper and its Apple so it has to be the best right? Sure the Walkman has double the memory but is it worth the extra $801? It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking to blast the latest breakup song from Taylor Swift on your way to your office hoping that no one notices what you are humming, then no. If you want to hear music in it’s intended and purest form then yes buy the Walkman.

The Walkman has the ability to play Hi res music. Some say that the problem with MP3’s is that the music is compressed, and that that takes out a lot of the tones, textures, and nuances┬áthat were in the music before. Some say that it’s only sounds that dogs and dolphins can truly enjoy. No matter who is right your everyday person won’t be testing it out. At $1,200 and then couple that with some Sony Hi Res headphones (MDR-Z1R they run for as much as $2,299) is more than what we are going to spend to listen to our guilty pleasure songs. To each their own.

Game On!


Start a Vlog? Why not?

So I was recently asked (today) if I have ever thought about starting a VLOG. The thought had crossed my mind of and on so I decided why not. I recorded some profound thoughts while I was running some errands today, took them home and edited them into a VLOG. Starting out I will be using an iphone 6 to do the recording an windows movie maker to do the editing. Only the best for my audience. If your board check it out the video. Eventually I will be doing videos on motorcycles, guns, video games, who knows. I am shooting them and I have no idea. I hope you enjoy and as always Game On!


Call of Duty WWII world reveal

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As I tuned into the world reveal for Call of Duty WWII I couldn’t help but be excited and also apprehensive. The past few titles from the Call of Duty series had put me to the point that I wanted to swear off the series entirely. I was completely captivated by the opening video that I had to shake my head at the end to bring myself back to reality. This game looks amazing. I could have been watching a trailer for band of brothers from the way the captured the action and brotherhood. There was some good info so I’ll keep my rant short, they used the words boots on the ground and visceral some many times that I thought Google and Wikipedia were paying them per use. It made them sound like the were sent to talk about a game that they have only just heard about before walking out on stage, instead of having worked on it for three years. I’ll push on.


On November 3rd of this year you will be able to play the campaign which is centered, for the most part, around private Red Daniels. You will be battling your way through the European theater during 1944-1945 pushing your way through to Germany. There were a few details released for the multiplayer, though the go to response was there will be more info at E3. There is a new mode called War. War has the allied forces battling the axis powers for critical points. This sounds to me to be a whole lot like conquest from Battlefield 1, just without the vehicles. There is also a new feature that they are calling divisions. This will allow players to “enlist” in the “units” of their choice. Sounds like the clans you would find in other games including GTA and go figure COD. The other new feature that was barely introduced was Headquarters. Headquarters is a social area where the community can gather to have fun. Sorry that’s it, that is all that was said about the mode, then they should a 15 sec clip that had no info. From that 15 sec I would tell you to picture the tower in Destiny. People watching from home kept tweeting in to ask about the co-op mode and if it was going to be zombies. The answer was that it is an entirely different story mode that is a horror (and of course stay tuned to E3 for more info) that involved the 3rd Reich’s desperate attempt to create a new army, and then they flashed the following image on the screen.


So apparently the answer is yes and on top of that they have stolen the entire concept behind another series of games Zombie Army Trilogy. Very original. I got to say I was disappointed not in the game but in the reveal, there was hardly any info released an a lot of them talking about how awesome they are for going out to locations to record real sounds and images to make this game, congrats. at this point in the history of video games it is expected for the developer to put work into their game. Make a game that is based on Mars and then I will be interested in how you were on location. To sum up The game looks amazing and the team behind it has a limited vocabulary. Hopefully we can glean some more info from E3. Until then I will be looking into getting into the private Beta happening later this year and as always.. Game On!

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