Late night VLOG

Couldn’t sleep, and it’s been awhile since I have posted anything. I have a video that I need to finish editing, but I have a lot of projects going on. So here’s this in the meantime.

A Sony Walkman to rule them all.

Sony Walkman

$1,200 for a Walkman. I’ll just start right there. This Walkman costs $1,200. One thousand two hundred dollars. I typed it out so that you know I didn’t make a mistake. So what does it do? It plays music duh. quick run down of the basics.

  • 128 gigs of internal memory (expandable through micro SD another 128 gigs for a total of 256 gigs)
  • android OS
  • 33 hours of battery life
  • bluetooth
  • wifi
  • 4″ display

So why not skip it and go for the $399 for the 128 gig ipod touch, after all it’s much cheaper and its Apple so it has to be the best right? Sure the Walkman has double the memory but is it worth the extra $801? It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking to blast the latest breakup song from Taylor Swift on your way to your office hoping that no one notices what you are humming, then no. If you want to hear music in it’s intended and purest form then yes buy the Walkman.

The Walkman has the ability to play Hi res music. Some say that the problem with MP3’s is that the music is compressed, and that that takes out a lot of the tones, textures, and nuances┬áthat were in the music before. Some say that it’s only sounds that dogs and dolphins can truly enjoy. No matter who is right your everyday person won’t be testing it out. At $1,200 and then couple that with some Sony Hi Res headphones (MDR-Z1R they run for as much as $2,299) is more than what we are going to spend to listen to our guilty pleasure songs. To each their own.

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