Halo Master Chief Collection!

Hey everyone! Coming to your home on November 11th 2014 it’s the Halo Master Chief Collection! With a release date scheduled for 2 days after Halo 2’s 10 year anniversary, the Halo Master Chief Collection (HMCC) is celebrating with a bang. *no pun intended* 343 Industries has brought together Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4 to make one game with an achievable 4,000 gamerscore. HMCC ships with 45 campaign missions and gives you the option of playing them through from start to finish, or make your own custom play list so you can play all your favorite Halo battles in in order you want. 343 Industries has also given Halo 2 a makeover giving it the same treatment they did to Halo Combat evolved, bringing the graphics to next gen level while at the same time allowing the player to switch back to the original graphics at any time for nostalgia’s sake. They have also created 6 new multiplayer maps for Halo 2 bringing the map count to 31. So what does this all cost you might ask? $59.99, that’s right all 4 games will be sold for the price of one. This is a real good deal when you consider that Halo 4 was released not too long ago, and when the anniversary edition of Halo Combat Evolved was released it sold for $39.99. Now it wouldn’t be capitalism if there wasn’t a special edition that totes “free” items. While nothing has been released about what the extras will be here in the states the U.K. has announced that there will be a limited edition that will sport a steel case, map book, and grunt funeral skull. As for here in the states you can pick up the map book and the grunt skull by preordering the game at Best Buy, however it is rumored that the steel case won’t make its way over here. The U.K. will also me getting the Mjolnir edition which will include everything the limited edition plus a 12” tall Artfx Master Chief that features replaceable arms and battle rifle. The Mjolnir edition will come with a hefty price tag of 169.99. In case you need more reasons to run out and pre order your copy today, 343 is also including a demo for Halo 5 and bringing a new halo series out. I’ll be posting more info on the Halo series in my next post. Game on everyone!


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