Games with gold side note.

I promise the next post will be about the new halo series (Halo Nightfall), but I really wanted to mention Dishonored. Dishonored was released in 2012, it was developed by Arkane Studios which brought you games like Call of Duty World at War and Bioshock 2. The producers of Dishonored were responsible for The elder Scroll, Fallout, Doom, and Wolfstien series.  So Dishonored had some good people behind it, and it shows. I recently downloaded Dishonored as a free game with gold, and I think it is a great game. I would recommend giving it look it only took up about 4.xx gigs on the hard drive. The graphics look great (considering it was 2012) the story line has been good thus far, and I like the way it throws you right in. Sometimes games can give you a five hour tutorial for a game that takes two good hours to beat. I digress. If you liked any of the games that I listed earlier I would give this one a shot, after all you can’t beat the price.



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