Destiny Released!

As of Tuesday this week the long awaited game Destiny hit the market with great success. The kind of succes that makes your company $500 million on the day of release. I myself was happy to have found a deal through where I received an Xbox One, Kinetic (find spelling), Forza Motorsport 5, Destiny, 12 months of Xbox live, and free shipping for $499. I have, since it arrived, played Destiny for 31 hours the fruits of my labor have been a level 20 Warlock and a level 5 titan. The game is beautiful you can be deep in the dark of a fallen cave, and then step out into the daylight and see the massive open world of Earth, Venus, Mars, and the Moon. Now some people have been reviewing Destiny and they have said that story line is weak. That sounds like that came from someone who has only played the game for about 8 hours and has done nothing but play the intro a few story missions and the rest of the time spent in the crucible (for those who haven’t played that is the PvP). There is a great story line it is just not based on endless cut scenes, instead your trusty companion the Ghost fills you in on everything from that aforementioned story line to the intel for your current mission. Something to keep in mind, don’t pick a mission and click launch and then walk away. Destiny is not your typical run and grab a snack or use the “facilities” while it’s loading game. Ghost talks to you and gives you important story line information while the game loads the area for your mission. So as long as you have stayed in the room, and you can get your buddy Jason to be quiet *cough cough*, there is a great story line to follow. Another thing to keep in mind is that this game is not set up as a story that you get to participate in every now and again as the story progresses. Instead, as cliché as it sounds you are the story. As a result every time you play your experience in the story line changes slightly making it your own. It is truly a remarkable game. Do your self a favor andd pick up Destiny for your console of choice and Game On!


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