Taking possession of an Xbox One.

So as i mentioned in my last post i have finally bought an xbox one. It is awesome! I have been playing it for the past couple of weeks and really putting it through its paces. A plesant surprise was the kinect. To be clear i only got the kinect because it came in the package that i got a heck pf a deal on. My first thought when reading about vioce comands was “wow i would hate to have to hit the power botton on my xbox like a barbarian” but now that i have been using them i have found that several of them are pretty helpful. For instance say that im in a strike misson on destiny, i’m surrounded by enemys and a notification pops up saying that my buddy has jumped on xbox live all i have to do is say “xbox party, start a party, invite to party, person 1,  party and game” in turn all he has to do when the invite pops up is say “xbox launch” and it will start the connection process. I suspect though that there wont be many added and/or comands that im going to use because game designers can choose to intergrate speech functions or have their game at 1080 full HD at 60fps. I wonder which option they will choose? Also, to give fair warning, that really cool feature where you can walk into the room and say “xbox on” and the system boots? That keeps a small portion of your system on all the time, big waste of electricity, money, and i would think hard on the system over time. Do yourself a favor walk the extra 6 feet to turn the system on with the out dated touch sensitive pad on the front of the system at least that way you’ll get a bit of exercise before playing destiny for the next 14hrs. Game on.


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