Rainbow Six is Back!

Rainbow Six: Siege

Our favorite series from Tom Clancy is back and in full HD 60fps. The focus thus far is centered on the multiplayer, a 5 v 5 counter terrorist vs terrorist battle in a totally destructible world. Siege, like its predecessors will be based on tactical game play that is based on reality. As opposed to other FPS that I won’t mention here *coughCODcough* where everything is based on “realistic” Hollywood ideas and capitalism reigns giving you the option to purchase at a premium the maps you bought last year with a new skin. But I digress. At the announcement made at this year’s E3 we got a look at “Hostage” mode. In this mode terrorists try to prevent the counter terrorist’s from rescuing the hostage. At the start of the match there is a timer counting down allowing each team to prepare for the other, with terrorists reinforcing walls and windows and the counter terrorist’s flying drones over head to find the hostage and the best way in. After the planning stage the counter terrorist’s have 5 min to rescue the hostage. The Hostage can be moved around to make thing more interesting, and the surrounding houses can be used by a sniper to take down enemies from across the street. Repelling is also back with a great improvement, you no longer need the predetermined repel points. Instead just about every window and edge of a roof top can be repelled from. Mind your surroundings will repelling though, Siege is bringing back the one life policy. A player can be revived for a short time after being killed after that they are out for the rest of the round, but don’t worry a killed player has access to cameras spread out across the house and can provide great info to the remaining players. The one life to live rule is very important to the game-play in siege. Just like in typical first person shooters if everyone has an infinite number of responds the team with the best solo player wins, and the match is a constant run and gun. By being retained to one life a player is forced to focus on their surroundings plan each step and do something crazy… work as a TEAM! Not something you run into a lot in most games out at the moment. I am sure that anyone reading this and has played battlefield 4 can tell you that they have never been in a match where half of their team is sitting on a hill (usually the same hill and almost on top of one another) sniping (and missing) while the other half of the team is left to try and capture three bases (and no one is at the same base). Again I digress. Keep your heads up more info to come. Game on!


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