Evolve, nitty gritty

The setting is Shear, a distant planet that the people of earth are trying to colonize. However the colonist are soon find themselves under attack by the alien monsters that inhabited the planet first. Their intentions are to drive the invaders (earth) away. A specialist team consisting of war veterans, psychopaths, professionals, and expendables are sent in to take care of the threat.  Creating the head to head battle for the planet that Evolve is based upon. As I mentioned in my last post the game pits 4 hunters against one monster. There are 4 different classes that are available to the defending hunters; trapper, support, medic, and assault with their roles being painfully obvious. Let’s get down to brass tacks. The graphics weren’t terrible, they probably could have been a little better but hay it is an alpha. As far as performance there was a little lag but again it is an alpha. My problem comes in at the controls, and the playability. The controls are lacking to say the least, it’s as if they made a list of controls for the game and said oh crap there are more buttons on the controller than this! Each weapon and function is assigned to its own button. Nothing more aggravating then not only trying to figure out the abilities of five characters but also where the buttons are. This ties into playability, unless the campaign is going to be as in depth as something like Halo, Destiny, or Resident Evil, this game is not worth full price. It feels more like an arcade game. They Alpha is available for 4 days and I doubt I will play it any further. Kepp it in mind and Game on!


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