State of Decay

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State of Decay has hit Xbox one. If the name sounds familiar here’s why. State of Decay originally released on the Xbox 360 as an arcade game, however it’s popularity as a zombie survival game that it was later released on disc. In the Xbox one edition you get the original game released on Xbox 360 (remastered of course) as well as two expansions. This all for the price of $29.99 or $19.99 if you owned the original on the 360. Sounds like a better deal than House of Wolves already doesn’t it? I digress. In the original campaign you start out as a character that has been camping for days and has come back to a world that is undead. (original right?) You soon find some fellow survivors and are quickly brought up to speed. lookoutAfter a few missions to give you control instructions you head into town. Now if you want to know more read the case or watch a video somewhere. Here is what I think. The campaign is great for getting the basics of the game, however as soon as you play enough switch to the Lifeline expansion. In this version you play as a soldier in the army your mission is to hold down the base and extract high value targets from the city. Two important words in that statement army and city. You start out with great firearms and you in the city instead of some backwoods town so there are cars everywhere. Trust me that important. Time for another downfall. No multiplayer. I wish I was joking here but it’s true. This game screams for multiplayer and would be a great console version of pc’s dayz. But they decided not to do a multiplayer, a decision that one of the directors said was “not made lightly”. I guess not everyone enjoys making money. Overall I enjoy the game. Of anyone is looking for a cheap game to fill in the gaps between game releases or in between Destiny’s 10 min expansion packs then look no further. As a side note this was the first game that I downloaded on my 2T external hard drive from Seagate. It plays the game well and I’ll be keeping you updated as well as piston the exact model and where I got it shortly. Game on.


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