The surprise in COD Black Ops 3


One of the biggest  surprises that came out of playing the Black Ops 3 beta was that I actually enjoyed playing it. I haven’t purchased a COD game since Black Ops 2, and haven’t been impressed with one since the first Black Ops. I want a realistic fps. There are many good options for futuristic fps (Destiny or I don’t know Halo). Battlefield 4 is still in my opinion the go to realistic fps. The guns are real the maps are big and they don’t call running around and shooting someone in the head with a long rifle from 5 feet away “sniping”. Don’t get me wrong Black Ops 3 is still in the future but they have added enough to the gameplay that you can ignore that for awhile. The ability to pick specialists and the addition of a special ability have expanded the run and gun gameplay enough that makes it feel more than just a $59.99 reskin of the previous game. The question is, is it different enough to be enjoyed long enough to get your money out of it? Time will tell. Game on!


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