Purchased Black Ops 3

black-ops-3-beta-ps4-1So I finally decided to purchase Black Ops 3. As I said in a previous post that while playing the beta I actually enjoyed playing it online. So when my disk finally arrived (I ordered it from amazon, It was $39.99 instead of $59.99 and as a prime member free two day shipping) I installed the game. This didn’t take too long. HINT! disconnect your Xbox from the internet before starting an install it will go much quicker, when you stay connected it tries to update and install at the same time. After the install I connected back up to the internet to find the 10 gig update waiting for me. This also wasn’t bad. I am paying for 20 mps internet but I test around 23-24 and I have the Xbox wired. When I finally got to play I decided to play the campaign. I have beat Modern Warfare 1 & 2 100% earning every achievement. So I figured I would start playing on the hardest difficulty and knock all of those achievements out at once. I was a bit surprised when I saw that Veteran was not the highest difficulty. Realistic is the new and highest difficulty. And it is difficult. I played for about 2.5 hrs last night and I have yet to complete mission 2. One shot from an opponent is instant death. I am reading on different sites where they say that when facing a tougher opponent you can take two shots from them, but I have yet to witness this myself. It has been fun and challenging trying to complete each section of the mission. I only wish that my bullets were as effective as the enemies. A head shot will kill them instantly, however it takes several body shots to put them down. But I guess that adds to the challenge. I will update as I progress further, until then Game On!


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