Google pixel: First all Google phone.

php2wryxyGoogle has now entered the ring as a cell phone manufacture. Now this differs from the previous Nexus products because they were made using partners. So let’s compare it to arguably the biggest competitor on the cell phone market, Apple.

With Apple’s new Iphone 7 there have been a lot of attention being given to the new camera. In fact most of the commercials have focused solely on the camera. I am beginning to wonder if Apple has release a new phone or started competing in the digital camera market.  As you run down the spec sheet for both ( , ) they appear to be on par with one another. However the google Pixel has the highest rated smart phone camera, with an overall DxOMark score of 89. For those unfamiliar DxOMark is the trusted industry standard for camera and lens quality. The level of detail that they get from the 12.3MP camera is remarkable. The front facing camera is really good as well. The lens is wide and it can soften skin tones without making it looked air brushed. The video is 4k quality however it doesn’t use optical stabilization. Instead it uses a combination of gyroscope and software to steady your videos. This can leave them looking like they were taken using a drone.

The Pixel will also come with an AI to help you get through the day. This is Siri and Cortana’s nerdy cousin simply named google assistant. Where the two afore mentioned AI can leave you feeling like you are talking to your phone, google assistant is truly conversational. You can have a true back and forth conversation as google assistant pulls up the information that you could have easily googled in the chrome app. That would have required typing and really who has the time and energy for that.

screen_shot_2016-10-04_at_3-43-34_pm-0Pixel is claiming to be water resistant. This is not the I was reading ifunny on the throne and dropped the phone between my legs kind of water resistant but more like reaching out of the shower with a wet hand to press skip because you’re not in the mood for Taylor Swifts voice right now. Honestly with Apple and Samsung’s entries into the “water proof” category, Google should have just never mentioned that the rain won’t necessarily fry the phone. Course at least the Google has yet to make anyone look like Twoface. The screen can also be pretty dim when exposed to direct sunlight. For example when you are trying to use that awesome camera outdoors.

Overall the phone is a great device that should be able to compete very well against Apple and as long as there are no fires Samsung.

Game On!


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