Sniper 3 Ghost Warrior vs Sniper Elite 4


Sniper 3 Ghost Warrior will be the next installment of a series of modern sniper games. This new installment (to be released April 4th, 2017) Will allow players to enter have an open world experience. There are rumored to be three maps of about 9 sq miles. The player will travel to these maps and play several missions and side missions using your base to prepare for them. Preparation consists of picking and modifying your weapons. The game will also include vehicles that can be used to get from place to place faster with the added risk of running into enemy’s along the way. The game play from what I have seen looks very next gen, and the addition of in climate weather and having to take into consideration scope elevation, wind speed & direction, breath control, & stance along with weapon and bullet choice makes the game look like effort was put in. I have signed up for the Beta test, however it is a PC Beta test only. Being a primarily Xbox gamer I will have to see if I can get access to a good PC to Demo this on. So what does the competition look like? Battlefield 1 is a huge online battle. Yes you can get some good sniping in, they say your lucky to hit your target out past 300 meters but I personally have a 502.xx meter head shot, but the game play is far from restricting you to sniping. Call of Duty? That is hilarious, I wouldn’t call using a rifle to shoot someone in the corner of the room opposite you sniping. I would say that the closest competitor would be the sniper elite series, and they are getting a new addition.


The Sniper Elite series are focused on the World Wars. The big attraction that they have brought is the bullet time. Get a well placed shot and time slows and the camera rotates and follows the bullet towards the target, once the bullet has reached the target x-ray vision shows exactly the path of the bullet and what bones and organs are affected by the shot. Pretty cool affect. This game has traditionally not been an open world game but I haven’t heard anything to lead me to believe that they have changed this. Everything that I have seen has this new installment pretty much a true next gen (as the last one was a polished 360 game) that focuses on a new front during WWII. Will there really be a competition? se4_announcement1sniper-ghost-warrior-3-12

I believe that these are going to be two very different feeling games both worthy of adding to your library. Time will tell. Game On!


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