Destiny 2 (release date)


It was recently announced that Destiny will be released in the Fall of 2017 (Q3). Everyone can breathe easy know that we know that the game that we were told was going to last years is getting a new installment. Could Bungie be more full of it? Yes actually because that character that some of have been working on (or more like the three characters) since 2014 will not be carried over. That’s right after three years of grinding, collecting and if you were one of the idiots (myself included) who supported the game from day one and have spent $140 plus dollars on the game we get to drop another $59.99 and start over. By the way you can now by the original game and all expansions for $39.99. Some of what I am talking about are rumors that are revolving around the game, but even if they are true Bungie has kept little of their word since 2014.


There will be a campaign, no kidding, and a lot of expansions. I am not sure why that was necessary to announce. Is it really hard to believe that  they will be holding back content to sell at a later date? This has started to become the norm in the industry. There are also rumors that it will be released for PC. Let’s clear something up I keep seeing this game referred to as a FPS-MMO or an MMO Shooter. This is absolutely ridiculous. For you information MMO stands for MASSIVE Multiplayer Online. Since when is 16 players massive? Battlefield 1 has 32 vs 32 for 64 players in a match at once. WOW and I am referring to World of Warcraft here, that is an MMO RPG no questions asked. There severs hold around 7,500 people. To call 16 an MMO is a joke.

So there we have it. Destiny 2 Fall 2017 (Q3). Is it worth a purchase? I say sure if you have the cash to pour into it. Best bet wait a year and pay less and enjoy it just as much.

Game On!


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