They Shall not pass Battlefield 1’s first expansion.


After selling nearly 1 million copies during it’s release week and players logging 59 million hours in the game that same first week Battlefield 1 is getting its first real expansion. I say real only because the first map outside of the base game was one free map with a couple of weapons, were as the “They Shall Not Pass” DLC includes 4 maps, a new game mode, 2 new vehicles, an elite class, new stationary weapon, 2 new operations, new main and melee weapons, higher class levels, and the re-introduction to the medal system. Not bad for the first add-on.

They Shall Not Pass will be introducing the French to the fight, as you battle across 4 new maps.

  • Verdun Heights: A massive fortresses that are in a wooden area plagued with forest fires.


  • Fort De Vaux: The location of the largest indoor battle during WWI. Expect dark mazes and death by flamethrower.


  • Soissons: The French 10th army has one of the largest tank battles during the war on this French country side. This map has been hinted at having thunderstorms.


  • Rupture: Located near the Aisen River, you will fight in the remains of tanks from previous battles.


Frontlines is the name of the new game mode. This will be a mixture of Conquest and Rush. Players will fight for chained control points tug-of-war style. Both sides fight for one flag at a time until you reach the opposing team HQ where telegraph points will need to be attacked or defended.


Of the two new vehicles that will be added, the Char 2C tank (Top) is going to be a behemoth for one or more of the new maps. This massive super-heavy tank is based on the real world French tank. We are getting a new tank as well in the form of the St. Chamond (Bottom) which was the most heavily armored Allied tank during the war.



The new Elite Class Trench Raider (Top), will be focusing on melee skills and an impressive grenade arsenal. The Siege Howitzer (Bottom) will send your enemies scampering for cover while you rain down fire.


The Devil’s Anvil and Beyond the Marne are the two new operations offering both massive tank battles and intense close-quarters fighting. You can experience these new operations while breaking in the new weapons. Ribeyrolles 1918, RSC 1917, Lebel Model 1886, Chauchat, Sjogren Inertial, and the MLE 1903 Extended round out the firearms. While melee weapons get the new additions of Cogwheel Club, the Nail Knife and the Trench Fleur.

The DLC will be adding quite a bit and I can’t wait to play it all in March of 2017.

Game On!




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