Battlefield 1 DLC weapons

There haven’t been any pictures released for the new weapons in the “They Shall Not Pass” DLC. I have however noticed that in order to get more guns into the game they have used both service and prototype weapons from the real world. Using this assumption I have dug up some pictures of the weapons in real life so that we can get some idea of what they will look like in the game.

Ribeyrollers 1918: French attempt at an autmatic rifle.1258736

RSC 1917: gas operated semi-automatic French rifle in service for 9 years1917sideviews

Lebel Model 1886: French bolt-action in service for 53 years.lebel_mle-_1886

Chauchat: French LMG 37 years of servicechauchat

Sjogren Inertial: semi-automatic shotgun of Swedish origin ~5,000 were made.11004095_1

MLE 1903: Known as the FN model 1903 or Browning No.2 was designed by American company Browning and built by the Belgin company FN.fn_model_1903

And that rounds out the guns. Time will tell how true to reality Battlefield 1 will be.


Game On!


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