Xbox game pass


Microsoft will be introducing a new service later this Fall called Xbox Game Pass. This Netflix style game service will offer over 100 games that can be downloaded and played in there entirety, full campaign, online multiplayer, and DLC. Titles include Halo 5, Payday 2, NBA 2K16, and Lego Batman. If you decide that you want to purchase the game then you can do so with a 20% discount on the base game and 10% on the DLC. The service will cost $9.99 a month.

Here’s the thing. These games are older games. So let’s say for some reason someone didn’t purchase a small title like Halo 5 or NBA 2K16, 20% isn’t much if you consider you are already paying $10.00 a month for the service. I’ll show you the math. Halo 5 is currently $39.99 on the Xbox marketplace, lets call it $40.00. 20% saves you $8.00 and you are spending $10.00 for the service. Granted if you purchased multiple games each month you would surpass what you are spending for the service, if you have the money for that you probably don’t need the discount. Let me mention now that Halo 5 on amazon is $18.96. The discount is a joke. Not all the games will be Xbox One either, “some” of the games will be 360 “classics”. I use quotes here because some is arbitrary, just like the games with gold, 360 games are a great filler. (Playstation 4 by the way has 263 more games, and 248 more exclusives) So how many are going to buy into this new scheme? I won’t be but I’m sure many will be drooling to buy in just like the people who are going to stand in line waiting to buy the latest Iphone that is years behind in phone technology.

Game On!


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