They Shall Not Pass! Early access


Yesterday was the early release for Battlefield 1’s first Map DLC (second if you count the free map Giant’s Shadow). For those that do not have premium and have to wait you get to look forward to an 8.5 gig download. The new game mode is fun if not completely impossible to predict how long it will take. We went from one round that took 68 min to play to the next one being completed in 5 min. The new weapons are challenging but entertaining to acquire. Instead of grinding away to reach a certain rank, players must complete to challenges to unlock the weapon. For example Lebel Model 1886 Sniper you have to get 5 headshots with a Russian 1895 in one round, as well as perform 10 trench scope spot assist. Of the ones that I have worked on and completed so far, the challenging part is that they have you using lame weapons. I don’t mind the 1895, but I had to use the Gewehr M. 95. I hate that gun. I would much rather use the SMLE. On another I had to use the Lewis Gun suppressive. Lame. Overall this update so far is a blast!

Game ON!


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