Call of Duty WW2! Maybe…

I have been hearing for a few months that the next entry in the Call of Duty series will be headed back in time to World War 2. I have also heard that it could be a sequel to World at War. A recent leak seems to strengthen these thoughts.


As always it could be fake but it appears that it will be called Call of Duty WW2. This is also something I have been saying for years, Call of Duty needs to get away from the futuristic warfare. If I want to play a futuristic war game I have many great options: Gears of War, Destiny, Mass effect, Doom, Titanfall, Dead Space, or that new game that hardly anyone has heard of I think it’s called Halo? The latest Futuristic title Infinite Warfare I relish reminding you received 571,860 likes on youtube and a massive 3,491,692 dislikes. Will they listen to the fans and produce a game that we want or decide that they know best and plow further into the future?


Game On!


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