November 17th Battlefront 2!


Coming November of this year Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be here. The announcement was made this week during the 40 year celebration of Star Wars. See link below.

One of the biggest things coming to the title will be the campaign. The last game didn’t have one which caused a lot of negative feedback. Not only will the sequel have one, it will also be a cannon story that has never been told. In this story you will be playing as an imperial trooper who has just watched Death Star 2 be destroyed and are now seeking revenge. In fact if you watch the trailer you will see one of them pointing a blaster at Luke. I can’t wait to see the story unfold.


They have also been listening to feedback on the multiplayer. The game will now feature a class system, as opposed to just changing your weapon load out. There were also be a class style system for ships as well as for heroes. The multiplayer will cover the entire range of movies. So we could have Yoda fighting Kylo Ren. Also could fight as a battle droid? Can’t wait to find out.

Game On!


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