SNES Classic for 2017. 

With the news that Nintendo has dicountinued the NES classic still ringing in our ears, rumors have it that development of an SNES Classic have started. Some have stated that Nintendo discontinued the NES because of poor planning. That because it they didn’t plan well they kept selling out and that this hurt Nintendo. Right. Nintendo lost money selling a device where the software was developed in 1983. All the games were already programmed. The put 1983 software on 2016 hardware and plastic injected a new case. (A raspberry pi can run this by the way.) When an item doesn’t sell it has to be stored somewhere, this costs money.   Now all they have to do is wait a year or two and re release it for Christmas and they will sell out again. Poor Nintendo, we should start a collection so they can stay in business. I digress. Rumors have it that the SNES Classic will be out in time for Christmas. The list of games for this console has yet to be released. I’ll release more info as it comes.

Game On!


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