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Call of Duty WWII world reveal

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As I tuned into the world reveal for Call of Duty WWII I couldn’t help but be excited and also apprehensive. The past few titles from the Call of Duty series had put me to the point that I wanted to swear off the series entirely. I was completely captivated by the opening video that I had to shake my head at the end to bring myself back to reality. This game looks amazing. I could have been watching a trailer for band of brothers from the way the captured the action and brotherhood. There was some good info so I’ll keep my rant short, they used the words boots on the ground and visceral some many times that I thought Google and Wikipedia were paying them per use. It made them sound like the were sent to talk about a game that they have only just heard about before walking out on stage, instead of having worked on it for three years. I’ll push on.


On November 3rd of this year you will be able to play the campaign which is centered, for the most part, around private Red Daniels. You will be battling your way through the European theater during 1944-1945 pushing your way through to Germany. There were a few details released for the multiplayer, though the go to response was there will be more info at E3. There is a new mode called War. War has the allied forces battling the axis powers for critical points. This sounds to me to be a whole lot like conquest from Battlefield 1, just without the vehicles. There is also a new feature that they are calling divisions. This will allow players to “enlist” in the “units” of their choice. Sounds like the clans you would find in other games including GTA and go figure COD. The other new feature that was barely introduced was Headquarters. Headquarters is a social area where the community can gather to have fun. Sorry that’s it, that is all that was said about the mode, then they should a 15 sec clip that had no info. From that 15 sec I would tell you to picture the tower in Destiny. People watching from home kept tweeting in to ask about the co-op mode and if it was going to be zombies. The answer was that it is an entirely different story mode that is a horror (and of course stay tuned to E3 for more info) that involved the 3rd Reich’s desperate attempt to create a new army, and then they flashed the following image on the screen.


So apparently the answer is yes and on top of that they have stolen the entire concept behind another series of games Zombie Army Trilogy. Very original. I got to say I was disappointed not in the game but in the reveal, there was hardly any info released an a lot of them talking about how awesome they are for going out to locations to record real sounds and images to make this game, congrats. at this point in the history of video games it is expected for the developer to put work into their game. Make a game that is based on Mars and then I will be interested in how you were on location. To sum up The game looks amazing and the team behind it has a limited vocabulary. Hopefully we can glean some more info from E3. Until then I will be looking into getting into the private Beta happening later this year and as always.. Game On!


November 17th Battlefront 2!


Coming November of this year Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be here. The announcement was made this week during the 40 year celebration of Star Wars. See link below.

One of the biggest things coming to the title will be the campaign. The last game didn’t have one which caused a lot of negative feedback. Not only will the sequel have one, it will also be a cannon story that has never been told. In this story you will be playing as an imperial trooper who has just watched Death Star 2 be destroyed and are now seeking revenge. In fact if you watch the trailer you will see one of them pointing a blaster at Luke. I can’t wait to see the story unfold.


They have also been listening to feedback on the multiplayer. The game will now feature a class system, as opposed to just changing your weapon load out. There were also be a class style system for ships as well as for heroes. The multiplayer will cover the entire range of movies. So we could have Yoda fighting Kylo Ren. Also could fight as a battle droid? Can’t wait to find out.

Game On!

Project Scorpio Tech specs reveled!


In an unprecedented move Microsoft invited Digital Foundry to their Redmond campus to preview tech specs of their up and coming console code named project Scorpio. What is also remarkable is that the project is ahead of schedule and could be released as soon as 6 months from now. Though honestly the xbox one was thrown together in a “oh crude Sony released a new console? We need something now!” Moving on. Performance wise it was able to run Forza Motorsports in native 4k and at 60 frames per second. Here’s how the specs breakdown.

Project Scorpio Xbox One PS4 Pro
CPU Eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz Eight custom Jaguar cores clocked at 1.75GHz Eight Jaguar cores clocked at 2.1GHz
GPU 40 customised compute units at 1172MHz 12 GCN compute units at 853MHz (Xbox One S: 914MHz) 36 improved GCN compute units at 911MHz
Memory Bandwidth 326GB/s DDR3: 68GB/s, ESRAM at max 204GB/s (Xbox One S: 219GB/s) 218GB/s
Hard Drive 1TB 2.5-inch 500GB/1TB/2TB 2.5-inch 1TB 2.5-inch
Optical Drive 4K UHD Blu-ray Blu-ray (Xbox One S: 4K UHD) Blu-ray

I can’t wait to see when this will release. From what I am hearing they are really putting a lot of time, effort, and passion into this project and I can’t wait to see the results.


Game on!

Call of Duty WW2! Maybe…

I have been hearing for a few months that the next entry in the Call of Duty series will be headed back in time to World War 2. I have also heard that it could be a sequel to World at War. A recent leak seems to strengthen these thoughts.


As always it could be fake but it appears that it will be called Call of Duty WW2. This is also something I have been saying for years, Call of Duty needs to get away from the futuristic warfare. If I want to play a futuristic war game I have many great options: Gears of War, Destiny, Mass effect, Doom, Titanfall, Dead Space, or that new game that hardly anyone has heard of I think it’s called Halo? The latest Futuristic title Infinite Warfare I relish reminding you received 571,860 likes on youtube and a massive 3,491,692 dislikes. Will they listen to the fans and produce a game that we want or decide that they know best and plow further into the future?


Game On!

They Shall Not Pass! Early access


Yesterday was the early release for Battlefield 1’s first Map DLC (second if you count the free map Giant’s Shadow). For those that do not have premium and have to wait you get to look forward to an 8.5 gig download. The new game mode is fun if not completely impossible to predict how long it will take. We went from one round that took 68 min to play to the next one being completed in 5 min. The new weapons are challenging but entertaining to acquire. Instead of grinding away to reach a certain rank, players must complete to challenges to unlock the weapon. For example Lebel Model 1886 Sniper you have to get 5 headshots with a Russian 1895 in one round, as well as perform 10 trench scope spot assist. Of the ones that I have worked on and completed so far, the challenging part is that they have you using lame weapons. I don’t mind the 1895, but I had to use the Gewehr M. 95. I hate that gun. I would much rather use the SMLE. On another I had to use the Lewis Gun suppressive. Lame. Overall this update so far is a blast!

Game ON!

Battlefield 1 DLC weapons

There haven’t been any pictures released for the new weapons in the “They Shall Not Pass” DLC. I have however noticed that in order to get more guns into the game they have used both service and prototype weapons from the real world. Using this assumption I have dug up some pictures of the weapons in real life so that we can get some idea of what they will look like in the game.

Ribeyrollers 1918: French attempt at an autmatic rifle.1258736

RSC 1917: gas operated semi-automatic French rifle in service for 9 years1917sideviews

Lebel Model 1886: French bolt-action in service for 53 years.lebel_mle-_1886

Chauchat: French LMG 37 years of servicechauchat

Sjogren Inertial: semi-automatic shotgun of Swedish origin ~5,000 were made.11004095_1

MLE 1903: Known as the FN model 1903 or Browning No.2 was designed by American company Browning and built by the Belgin company FN.fn_model_1903

And that rounds out the guns. Time will tell how true to reality Battlefield 1 will be.


Game On!